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How to Add Admin to Facebook Business Manager

From what I’ve seen, people ask:

  • How to add Admin to Facebook Business Manager
  • How to add Admin to Facebook page
  • How to give access to Facebook ads account

All of these topics can be accomplished by following the steps I am about to walk you through. The most critical step, Step 5, is where you set permissions. You will be able to toggle tools on for the tasks you would like to assign to people. This is also where you select to assign different permissions for Facebook business pages and also Facebook ad accounts. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to add Admin to your Facebook Business Manager account.

1| Login

Log in Facebook Business Manager with your personal Facebook username and password.

Picture of screenshot showing the Business Manager log in button.

2| Business Settings

Click Business Settings in one of these two locations below.

Picture of screenshot showing the two different locations to click Business Settings.

3| Add Button

You should automatically be at the screen Users, People. Click the + Add button.

Picture of screenshot to click the + Add button.

4| Email Address

Type in the email address in the provided box, then click the toggle button if assigning Admin access. Otherwise, Employee access is already selected for you. Click the Next button.

Picture of screenshot showing where to add the email address.

5| Assign Access

Set permissions by clicking the toggle buttons you want to assign to the person. Then click the Invite button.

🐝 Be sure to look at the Select Access Type column to assign permissions for both your Pages and Ad Accounts.

Picture of screenshot to assign access to a role.

6| Invitation Sent 

Invitation Sent to the email address you provided in the box in Step 4!

🐝 Your soon-to-be Admin needs to check their email and click the Get Started button to confirm the role.

Picture of screenshots showing Invitation Sent window.

 🐝 You will have the ability to cancel your Admin invite request if needed. It will be on the same screen as Step 3, after you send an Admin invitation.

Image of screenshot showing admin access is pending.

7| Overview

To add more people, you repeat the process from Step 3. You can also invite more people at the Invitation Sent pop-up. Instead of Done, click Add More People

The roles available are Employee and Admin access, Financial analyst, and Financial editor. Standard access allows you to toggle what tasks you would like to assign to people. Facebook ad managers should be granted Admin access. They need the ability to edit and create ads and view and analyze reports to make necessary changes when needed.

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