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Dissecting the Facebook Ad

What does the Facebook ad layout look like and where do I begin?

So you hire someone to write and design your Facebook ads or you do it yourself. If you are doing it yourself, you’ll need to know the basics before getting to the Facebook advertising strategy.

There are three types of Facebook ad campaigns (campaign objectives): awareness, consideration, and conversion. Your ad objective determines what type of ad campaign to do.

The purpose of advertising is to make people aware of your business. Do you want people just to be informed or do you want them to take action?

Keep reading to clarify the Facebook ad layout, Facebook ad call-to-action buttons, the importance of hiring Facebook ad management services, and questions you should ask yourself while creating a Facebook ad.

Facebook Ad Layout

  • Primary text: Clarifies the message of the ad
  • Creative: The visual (image or video) to stop the reader from scrolling on their phone
  • Headline: Tells the reader what the ad is about in a few words
  • Description: Explains the opt-in (lead magnet)
  • URL (website link): Gives the reader a landing page to look for more information
  • Call-to-action (CTA): Tells the reader what to do next

Facebook ads are small, quick, and can be unnoticeable.

At the same time, they can also go viral or bring in millions of dollars in revenue. It entirely depends on the little details. A different creative is easy to change and that small change can make a significant impact on how successful an ad becomes.

Facebook Ad Call-To-Action

There are several Facebook CTA options to choose from. The sections will show depending on what campaign objective you choose after clicking + Create

For example, you will have these CTA options available in the dropdown menu if you have selected Campaign Objective, Conversion, Conversions:

Apply Now

Book Now

Contact Us

Donate Now


Get Offer

Get Quote

Get Showtimes

Learn More

Listen Now

Play Game

Request Time

See Menu

Shop Now

Sign Up


Watch More

Send WhatsApp Message

Facebook Ad Management Services

Do business owners have the time to track these little details?

At some point, a Facebook ad will perform poorly. It takes time to figure out a Facebook advertising strategy. Especially one that works specifically with your business and your audience.

Paying for Facebook ad management services does tend to cost more than many other types of advertising, such as a print advertisement. Business owners who do invest in a Facebook ad manager know it will be a good return on investment (ROI).

The reason for having a good chance for a high ROI compared to other types of advertising is Facebook’s algorithm. Facebook’s algorithm is where Facebook user data will link to relevant ads. This targeting capability makes it easier to find the best audience.

Questions to Ask Yourself While Creating Your Facebook Ad Layout

A few questions to ask yourself while creating a Facebook ad to be more successful and reduce your chances of getting rejected:

Does the primary text have a clear message?

What type of creative do I choose for the industry?

Is the headline misleading?

Is the lead magnet attracting the wrong audience?

Is the call-to-action button not creating enough urgency?

Is the color scheme boring?

Does this ad need a proofreader?

Final Thoughts

The Facebook ad layout can be very simple depending on your audience. The approximate attention span for a human on average is eight seconds. Knowing this may help when you write the Facebook ad text and how selective you are with your Facebook creatives. 

If you are starting Facebook ads for the first time, this post helps visualize and simplify the Facebook ad layout, making it easier to create as you continue to keep doing them. 

Do you enjoy writing down your plans on paper? Try out Facebook Advertising Step-By-Step Planning. There are fifteen pages of PDF planner printables to track your Facebook ad layout and goals.

If you had to pick one component in the Facebook ad layout, which one do you think you should spend the most time on? Please write your answer in the comments below!

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What is Facebook’s 20% rule?

Facebook no longer has a limit of text on ads! The Facebook text overlay tool no longer exists. 
Facebook states they found images with less than 20% text perform better but no longer require this Facebook 20 rule mandatory in their policy.

How do you do a split test on Facebook ads?

Facebook Ads Manager >> + Create >> New Campaign >> A/B Test

What are the parts of a Facebook ad?

Keep in mind different Facebook platform placements will slightly alter the look of the ad. The framework includes primary text, creative, URL, headline, description, and a call-to-action button.

Why do Facebook ads get rejected?

Information that can be seen as offensive, ads using misleading messages, or ads appearing to deceive the platform in any way. Be sure to read the full Facebook ad policy if you find yourself getting rejected often. You can read here for my simplified version of the policy.

Can you trust Facebook ads?

As with any business, Facebook tries its best to filter out scammers. Having a basic knowledge of how to avoid a scam helps to know who you can trust.

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