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How to Turn Facebook Ad Management into Success

Are you looking into hiring a Facebook ad manager or Facebook ads strategist?

Reasons why you may not want to manage Facebook ads yourself:

  • Running Facebook ads takes up too much of your time.
  • You would rather be doing something else in your business.
  • You hear about how Facebook ads give good results, but you aren’t getting them yourself.

I will go over the critical questions and what to consider when looking into hiring a Facebook ad manager or Facebook ads strategist for your business.

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What is the length of the contract with the Facebook ad manager?

Understand when starting a new ad, it can take more than a month to produce good results. But having a contract that includes several months may not be a good idea if they do not have outstanding social proof to show they can guarantee the results you prefer.

A month-to-month contract is the safest for both parties when you are getting to know each other. But also allow a few months in the beginning to get results for a more accurate decision. Between the Facebook algorithm and finding the best audience for an ad, it can take some time.

What does the Facebook ad manager include in their package?

  • Setting up the accounts in Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager
  • Choosing a creative
  • Writing the ad copy (primary text)
  • Picking a headline
  • Writing a description
  • Setting up the call-to-action with the offer
  • Making changes to an underperforming ad and if there are limitations on the number of changes
  • Installing the pixel and event codes
  • Sending you the lead information
  • Setting up any automation integrations
  • Tracking ad performance and how often
  • When will they communicate to you about the ad progress and when is it required to communicate

Also consider…

Is the package all-inclusive, or are there separate costs for managing different parts of the Facebook ad?

There can be a base cost and then added commission.

What is the maximum amount of clients the Facebook ad manager will take on at a time.

If they are planning on exceeding ten clients or are unsure, you may want to consider that they will not have the time to put as much effort into your ads.

Understand the managing style of a Facebook ad manager or Facebook ads strategist

How much to spend on Facebook ads?

When to stop a Facebook ad campaign.

How to target a specific audience.

When a Facebook ad manager handles your Facebook ads for you, they pay attention to the following details:

What is the objective?

Who is the target?

Finding the target audience through social media analytics.

What is the budget?

Is the Facebook ad mobile-friendly?

Does the creative have less than 20% text?

Is the ad relevant to the right audience?

Is there ad fatigue?

What is being used for the landing page?

Is the landing page user-friendly?

Does the message from the ad match the landing page?

Choosing the right call-to-action to the offer.

Split testing.

How holidays affect trends.

Basic terms:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Landing page
  • CPC | cost-per-click
  • CTR | click-through-rate
  • ROAS | return on ad spend
  • ROI | return on investment


Ultimately you know what the right fit for your business is and what is in your budget. But know that if a person who claims to be a Facebook ad manager or Facebook ad strategist doesn’t understand the basics I listed above, it may be a red flag that you definitely should not be paying top dollar if you want to hire them.

If you are already doing digital advertising on other platforms and wonder if Facebook ads are right for you—Facebook has a massive platform for active users. It’s definitely worth trying out if you haven’t used Facebook ads for your business. Test for cheaper conversions first before saying no.

If you had an uncomfortable experience with a Facebook ad manager or management, tell me about it in the comments below so we can all learn from it!

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