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Facebook Ads Guide: A Simple Strategy

Facebook has a consistent and positive growth pattern. That is a key factor when choosing a platform to advertise on. A simple strategy when starting Facebook ads includes the Facebook ad format, Facebook ad policy, what image or video size to use, Facebook pixel, and the online tools Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager. Once that is done, targeting is easy in the beginning. Keep reading for more.

Facebook Ad Format

Primary Text

What is the ad about?

Ad Creative

Image or video

Headline is optional

Description is optional

Compliments the headline.

Display Link is optional

Website URL.

Call to Action (CTA)

Effective CTA’s are book now, download, learn more, or sign up.

Short on time?

🍯 Leave the description blank. Just make sure the message is clear in the Primary Text and Headline.

Image Size

Use the recommended aspect ratios. 

The Facebook ad will fit the best according to placement.

Make the message clear.

The right people will notice the ad and be more likely to respond to the CTA. 

Limit text to 20% or less on the image or video.

Otherwise, you risk your Facebook ad to get rejected during the ad review process.

Not sure where to start?

🍯 Start with a single image, square size (1:1), and a mobile placement.

Facebook Business Manager

The primary online tool to manage your business on Facebook.

Advertisers need to have the admin role to manage Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Manager

Campaign >> Ad Set >> Ad

Add your Ads Manager account to your Business Manager account.

Create and publish Facebook ads.

Beginners may want to use Guided Creation. You can change to Quick Creation when you feel you don’t need a step-by-step walkthrough.

Facebook Ad Policy and Ad Review

What is looked at during the ad review process?

  • Ad images
  • Text
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Landing page content

What are the common problems an ad will get rejected for?

  • Pointing out personal attributes
  • Using adult content
  • Facebook’s brand usage

🍯 Don’t ask for sensitive information, display offensive images or text, or use misleading messages.

What to do if a Facebook ad gets rejected.

Edit your ad and resubmit to have the edited ad go through the ad review process.

Facebook Pixel

Helps to show people ads relevant to them, resulting in an increase in sales.

What to expect when setting up a Facebook pixel.

Facebook Business Manager >> Business Settings >> Data Sources >> Pixels >> + Add button >> add pixel name and website


Use the same information as you see in your social media analytics when you create your audience by location, age, gender, and detailed targeting.


Tracking your Facebook ad performance is mandatory for strategy. Without understanding what causes your Facebook ad to perform poorly, there’s no way to know what to do for a successful ad.

You can create custom reports in Facebook Ads Manager.

How to Run Your Ads

  • Have a clear objective
  • Create your ad
  • Publish your ad
  • Track performance
  • Retarget

Facebook Ad Management Services

If it’s in your budget, save time and hire a Facebook ad manager.

Facebook ad managers and Facebook ad strategists dedicate all their time to track Facebook ad performance and use re-targeting methods to get the most effective results for Facebook ads.


If you’re stuck or just starting, use this simple strategy to get going. Understanding the foundation is always essential before applying any complex strategy.

What’s your Facebook advertising tip you think others can benefit from? Leave a comment down below.

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