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Why You Need Facebook Ads for Your Business

Facebook is an online platform where businesses can show ads to a custom audience. Audiences can view these ads in different locations of the platform. Some of these locations include the Facebook feed, mobile placements, or the right column on a desktop view.

What makes Facebook ads stand out is how massive the platform is. Facebook continues to grow in active users on a day-to-day basis. 

While looking into Facebook ads, think about how the Facebook algorithm shows ads and targets relevant users, Facebook’s consistent user growth, how to use Facebook ads for your business, and essential Facebook business tools that the Facebook platform offers to benefit your business.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook ad targeting is when data from analytics is used to better distribute relevant ads to an appropriate audience. This data creates a warm audience for you to use. A warm audience means these people have already taken an interest in your product or service. When they previously expressed interest, they will be easier to sell too.

If you are on a budget for advertising, digital advertising is definitely effective for its targeting features. Other forms of advertising do not include targeting features and most likely seen by many that have very little or no interest in what the ad is offering.

Facebook User Growth

When considering how many social media platforms to be on, small business owners have the challenge of choosing which platform(s) will be the most effective.

Ask yourself, is it in the budget to have someone manage these platforms? If not, a time-efficient digital advertising strategy would be to pick fewer platforms that show user and revenue growth. Also consider which platform(s) your industry is successful on. Facebook is convenient because there is a little of everyone on it.

Down below displays how Facebook has shown consistent growth in both active users and revenue from year-to-year.

Facebook’s primary revenue source is Facebook ads. This means Facebook ad targeting will have a powerful selection of people to choose from when locating the best audience for your business.

Facebook Users 2019 graph
Facebook Revenue 2019 Graph

Facebook Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm is where Facebook user data will link to relevant ads based on the specified demographics, interests, or gender provided. When distributing ads on Facebook’s platform, the goal is to create a user-friendly experience. Distributing relevant ads means Facebook users see ads they may be interested in seeing.

How to Use Facebook Ads for Your Business

Starting from the beginning:

  1. Create a Facebook account
  2. Create a Facebook business page
  3. Create a Facebook Business Manager account
  4. Add your Facebook business page to your Business Manager account
  5. Add your ads account to Ads Manager
  6. Create and publish your ad

Quick tips to using Facebook ads:

  • Use social media or website analytics data to create your audience for Facebook ads
  • Remember mobile-friendly ad and landing page for mobile placements
  • Split testing helps you decide which type of ad does well with your audience

Facebook Business Tools

Facebook pixel and analytics

The Facebook pixel helps determine a warm audience for a business.

The Facebook pixel code helps track what type of people visit or shop on your website. This data is used for analytics.

Facebook business page

A place to promote your business and is used for Facebook ads.

Facebook Business Manager

An online tool to manage your business needs. 

Facebook Ads Manager

An online tool to create and publish Facebook ads.

Final Thoughts

If Facebook’s algorithm is used appropriately, business owners can target the best audience for their business. At this point, business owners and Facebook both end up more successful.

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How Facebook ads can help your business?

Facebook helps businesses target very specific audiences to show your online ads too.

Do Facebook ads work for small business?

Yes! Facebook allows businesses to pick how much they want to spend. The more you spend on Facebook ads, the more people you will reach.

Why do we need Facebook ads?

Facebook allows businesses to reach specific groups of people at a time. This allows businesses to find their target audience quicker and more successfully.

There has also been a steady increase of active users on the platform year-to-year.

How do I create a Facebook ad for my business?

Create a Facebook account, Facebook Business Manager account, Facebook Ads Manager account, and a Facebook business page if you do not have them. At this point, you will be able to create and publish your Facebook ad in Facebook Ads Manager.

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