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Facebook Ads Manager Guide


Hey! It’s time to keep up with Facebook Ads Manager.

Are you wondering what Facebook Ads Manager is all about? Keep reading for essential advertising tips to keep you on track.

It’s always helpful to have a quick and easy reference to look back at when your head goes blank. Even just starting out, it’s nice to refer to simple guidelines before looking at the in-depth details. Whether it’s a complicated topic, sluggish day, or maybe an exciting topic where you don’t want to miss any details—it’s a good idea to slowly digest the information from the beginning. When you’re done reading, you will know the difference between Facebook Ads Manager vs Business Manager, if Power Editor is still important, and key features in ads manager.

The Facebook Ad Structure

  • Facebook Business Manager account
  • Facebook business page
  • ad account in Ads Manager
  • campaigns, ad sets, and ads

Facebook Business Manager chart

Facebook Ads Manager vs Business Manager

Business Manager

  • the primary tool to manage your business on facebook
  • multiple users available
    • make a person have the role as admin when advertising for another business

Ads Manager

  • used to create and publish ads
  • you add your Ads Manager account to your Business Manager account
  • edit any part of the ad set
    • this may prompt the ad to go through the ad review system again
  • click here to keep up with Ads Manager updates

Where to add or create an ad account

  • business settings
  • ad accounts
  • + Add button
  • in the dropdown menu, choose one:
    • add an ad account
    • request access to an ad account
    • create a new ad account
  • select people and access levels accordingly

Ads Manager tabs

  • account overview | overview
    • reach
    • amount spent
    • impressions
    • link clicks
  • account overview | creative reporting
    • ad creative
    • delivery
    • results
    • reach
    • impressions
    • CPR
    • amount spent
    • ends
  • campaigns | objective and special ad category
    • campaign name
    • delivery
    • bid strategy
    • budget
    • results
    • reach
    • impressions
    • CPR
    • amount spent
    • ends
  • ad sets | audience, placements, budget, and schedule
    • ad set name, delivery
    • bid strategy
    • budget
    • last significant edit
    • results
    • reach
    • impressions
    • CPR
    • amount spent
  • ads | format, media, and additional creative
    • ad name
    • delivery
    • ad set name
    • bid strategy
    • budget
    • last significant edit
    • results
    • reach
    • impressions

Deactivate ad accounts

  • ad accounts cannot be permanently deleted but can be deactivated
  • deactivating doesn’t make room for new ad accounts
  • outstanding balances will be charged by credit card
  • account will be automatically removed within two business days once the account is a zero balance

Reactivate ad accounts

  • cannot be done right after deactivating an account
  • reactivate after closing balance is paid
    • up to two days

Other Features in Ads Manager

  • turn ad on and off
    • campaigns, ad sets, or ads
      • click toggle 
      • blue
        • ad is on
      • gray
        • ad is off
  • when you have problems turning a campaign back on
    • reset account spending limit
    • update payment information
  • delete an ad, ad set, or campaign
    • delete under campaigns, ad sets, or ads 
    • unable to restore ad once deleted
    • better to turn ad off than delete, if you consider running the ad again

Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager 

Anyone who used to use Power Editor a few years ago is aware it no longer exists. Small business owners that don’t use Facebook ads often or are new advertisers may have heard about Power Editor but are unsure what it is. The concern is if it is something that still needs to be learned.

Facebook focuses on making a user-friendly platform for both its users and advertisers. Facebook combined Power Editor into a new and improved Ads Manager. The goal is to have a single platform for improved efficiency.

The changes reflecting the combination include workflows, automatic drafts, and reports.

Quick Creation vs. Guided Creation | Workflows

  • You can change preferences anytime by clicking the button in the upper right-hand corner, “Switch to __”.

Picture of new Facebook ads manager chart

Guided Creation | complete campaign

  • step-by-step walk through wizard
  • helps people who are less familiar with Facebook ads

Quick Creation | campaign shells

  • set up campaign, ad set, and ad elements in any order
  • made for advanced advertisers

New Ads Manager

  • two workflows
  • create, manage, and view results in one interface
  • automatic drafts
  • breakdowns, summary rows, date benchmarks, exported insight reports, and customize columns


A Facebook ad is created in Ads Manager. Ads Manager is a component in Business Manager. Ads Manager was combined with Power Editor and now includes Power Editor features. 

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