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PDFpenPro Review and Six Ways to Use It

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Do you use PDF documents often? Here’s a PDFpenPro review to help you decide if this PDF editor is a perfect fit for your small business.

What is PDFpen?

PDFpen acts as a multipurpose PDF (Portable Document Format) editor for PDF documents such as adding, removing, and fixing text, highlighting notes, creating form fields, signing and filling out forms, adding and removing images.

Smile offers two PDF editor products that you can purchase: PDFpen and PDFpenPro. 

PDFpenPro Version 12 Features

PDFpen vs PDFpenPro


  • The Selection Tools
  • The Markup Tools
  • The Font Bar
  • The Drawing Tools
  • The Object Property Tools
  • Scan and OCR
  • Redact text

PDFpenPro (Mac only)

  • Everything listed under PDFpen
  • Import webpages
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF/A archive formats
  • Correct OCRed text
  • Multiple file OCR
  • Create forms
  • Build a clickable table of contents
  • Edit bookmark names
  • Automatically create URL links 
  • Apply security provisions
  • Attach files
  • Create portfolios by grouping documents in a single file
  • Securely upload PDFs by integrating DocuSign digital signature services

PDFpen for iPad and iPhone 

  • Cheaper, fewer tools are available
  • Add, remove, fix typos
  • Highlight, draw, add notes and comments
  • Sign and fill out forms
  • Share with email
  • Add and remove images
  • Add, edit, delete, combine pages
  • Add links
  • Add a password

Take a look at PDFpen here.

The PDFpenPro offers a wide range of tools. Here’s a free PDFpenPro Framework Fillable PDF download to see everything on one page. Also, check out the form fields and checkboxes created with PDFpenPro!

PDFpenPro Framework Fillable PDF

PDFpen Package Options

You purchase the PDFpen or PDFpenPro by number of users:

  • Single user
  • Family pack
  • Office Pack | 5 users
  • 10+ users
  • Education store discounts

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member, you may qualify for a discount in the Smile Education Store!

PDFpenPro 12 Review

PDFpenPro is very helpful if you don’t mind spending the time to watch tutorials or read Smile’s guide. PDFpenPro offers several features. Because it offers so much, I feel that the tools are not user-friendly. I do not recommend PDFpenPro for anyone who doesn’t have the time to research how to navigate the tools or is not tech-savvy. 

One of my favorite features I learned was how to turn websites into PDFs!

File >> New >> From HTML… >> Type in the URL >> Modify specifications if needed >> Create

It was fun to see how my website home page would like as a PDF. The image above shows how page 1 would look in a PDF format.

Six (6) Useful Tools

1| Checkbox

Add a custom color square or circle check box next to a text field

2| Signature Field

A place to sign the document electronically next to an arrow “Sign Here”

3| Callout

A box with an arrow to make notes on a document

4| Password

Add a password to open a PDF document so it becomes private access

5| Correct text

Delete and edit text fields from an originally uneditable PDF document

6| Redact text

Black out text fields 

Tap here to take a look at the website for PDFpen and PDFpenPro.

Best Alternative

PDFescape is a free online PDF editor. PDFescape’s editing features include form editing like adding text, images, form fields, checkmarks, rectangles, circles, and arrows. You’ll also find annotating features like sticky notes, strikeouts, and highlighting. There is also the capability to add security to your documents with encryption and password. If your small business uses simple PDF form editing features, this may be a good option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a PDFpenPro Windows?

PDFpenPro Windows is not available at this time. PDFpen is only available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. PDFpenPro is only available for Mac.

Is PDFpen free?

No, but you can get an unlimited free trial of the PDFpenPro with a Smile watermark on your documents. The free trial is perfect if you want to test out their tools.

What is the best PDF editor for Mac?

PDFpenPro is the best PDF editor for Mac if you create forms, use OCR, redact text, use DocuSign, and use various editing tools for your PDF documents.


You can find several PDF editor tools for free if you search online. PDFpenPro is perfect as an all-in-one tool. PDFpenPro will help you save time, so you don’t have to switch between multiple online tools or software. You may also enjoy the way their tools look when applying them to your document. Try out PDFpenPro’s free trial here.

If you have a preferred PDF editor for a specific tool, please write it in the comments below!

Don’t forget to download your PDFpenPro Framework for a simplified view of all the tools.

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