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Use Planner Printable PDF Pages to Unlock Your Inner Beast

The Purpose of Using a Planner Printable

Plan your week for every area of your life, learn how to create SMART goals to reach goals effectively, and instant daily planner printable techniques to help you get quick results.

1| Why plan your week?

Whether you have a hectic schedule or are often forgetful, writing down your tasks and goals is your solution. Creating a system to plan your week will save you time and help you get more done.
I will go over how to write down SMART goals and must-know planning printable techniques to increase immediate productivity and decrease stress.
If you feel lazy or overwhelmed with daily tasks, motivate yourself! It helps to write down tasks or goals as soon as you remember. Otherwise, you’ll forget. Better manage your time and get more done. Avoid those moments where four projects are due the same day, and only two are complete on time due to mismanaged time.

Reduce stress and download your free mind map on how to plan using printables. Also included is a free PDF page for your to-do list and reminders.

2| Four-Step Model when Planning Your Week

Ask yourself, what is the big picture when executing a plan?

Step 1 Your goal

Step 2 Make a plan

Step 3 Do work

Step 4 Commit and follow through with the plan and the work to accomplish the goal.

3| SMART Goals

The first step to executing a plan is an attainable goal. As you make progress, you can make your goals more complicated as time passes. But if you find yourself not reaching your goals, remember the acronym SMART to customize your goals to your capability and environment at the time.

  • Specific- Clear and easy to understand
  • Measurable- Track progress and stay motivated
  • Achievable- Realistic to reach
  • Relevant- Matters to you
  • Time-bound- Deadline to focus

SMART goals develop your foundation to understanding what you’re capable of managing. 

4| Daily Planner Printable Techniques

Here are several techniques to give you ideas on how to use your planner printables. You decide which work best for you!

  • Prioritize tasks
  • Write down your goals, both short- and long-term goals
  • One main goal with smaller supporting goals
  • Focus on fewer goals, if you are new to writing down goals
  • Don’t forget about incomplete tasks. Add them to the following day if you did not finish completing them
  • Print on cardstock or color paper
  • Print two planner printable pages on one page
  • Mind dump
  • Add a personal or artistic touch with colored pens or sketches
  • Try to create a daily habit, same time every day
  • Set your printable down in an easily-accessible location
  • Block out time to plan
  • Review and revise your goals to understand what type of goals you are capable of reaching at the time
  • Create a system
  • If you don’t finish one week, write less down the following week
  • Spread out your goals if you find yourself not completing them

Get the most out of your planner printables and download your free mind map here.

Benefits from Using a Planner Printable

  1. If you have difficulty remembering what needs to be completed each day, writing it down helps with memory retention. 
  2. Writing down everything increases efficiency. You remember to do tasks and complete them.
  3. You can choose your paper to print on. Add more design or color to a planner printable. 

Purchase Planner Printables

Now that you know how to use a printable to manage your time effectively, here are three different styles to get you started. Each printable includes various sections to help keep track of what needs to get done in your life by using to-do lists, reminders, notes, blank calendars, and daily scheduling. Jump to the planner printables store here.

Honey Theme

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Each BEEGINS AT HOME planner page bundle (Don’t Just Sit There! Plan and Strategize bundles) includes a combination of planning lists and daily scheduling features. 

  • Blank calendar printable
  • To-do list printable
  • Notes printable
  • Reminders printable
  • Daily scheduling printable
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SMART goals are fundamental to creating a plan that you can manage. When you reach goals, you become more productive and aware of what you can do. Using a BEEGINS AT HOME planning printable bundle to write down to-do lists, tasks, goals, reminders, notes, and scheduling increases day-to-day productivity. Writing down daily activities, a printable holds you more accountable. Completing tasks and meetings mean more wins. More wins become an inspiration to learn how much potential you have for improved results.

Free printable planner pages 2021 here, so you have no excuses to dominate the new year!

What’s your favorite type of planner printable to use? Let me know in the comments below!

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