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Four Ultimate Deals to Protect and Run Your Business

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Today’s society has become advanced in technology and the cybercrime increases. Are you adequately protecting your business? Do you want new electronics, but are on a budget? Keep reading for essential information on which sites you can find good deals on products to protect and run your business. Running a business means protecting yourself, but also protecting your clients. 

1| Drag-and-Drop Privacy with Shred Cube

The Shred Cube

Do you have confidential digital files that need to be removed permanently? The Shred Cube, LLC sells a USB permanent file shredder. This cube safely, securely, and permanently erases data from your computer. It will not reformat your hard drive. 

Perfect for Everyone!

This product is designed for anyone using a computer.

What are the Features?

  • Drag-and-drop files with sensitive information to the Shred Cube. Once the files are dropped, they can never be recovered.
  • The Shred Cube was made to be durable and the metal cannot be damaged easily.
  • Unlimited use.
  • Unlimited access to new features.
  • Free secure online updates.

2| Fight Cybercrime with Anitvirus Deals Inc.

Antivirus Deals Inc.

Is your computer protected? Antivirus Deals Inc. is an international company that offers discounted security software. Antivirus is a must-have for everyone with a computer or laptop!

They are considered a Value-Added Reseller and can offer affordable products because they buy in large quantities.

Antivirus Deals Inc. has 24/7 technical support.

Save on these Antivirus Brands 


🍯 Norton

🍯 Webroot

🍯 Kaspersky

🍯 Avast

🍯 Malwarebytes

🍯 Mcafee

🍯 Eset

🍯 Bitdefender

🍯 Avira

🍯 Lavasoft

🍯 Vipre

🍯 Panda

3| Load Up on Ink Cartridges with Inc.

Do you constantly print paperwork and wouldn’t mind having a discount on ink or toner? Inc. offers discounted printer inkjet cartridges, laser toner, and printer accessories.

They order large volumes of inventory straight from a factory. also sells online which helps them save on operation costs. This gives them the ability to give bigger discounts to customers.

Keep in mind they also have an A+ rating, accredited by the Better Business Bureau!

Save on these ink brands:

🍯 HP

🍯 Epson

🍯 Brother

🍯 Canon

🍯 Lexmark

🍯 Samsung

🍯 Dell

🍯 Kodak

🍯 Konica-Minolta

🍯 Okidata

🍯 Xerox

4| One-Stop Shop for Computer Accessories (and More) at FastTech


Looking for new tech accessories? Buy more for less on Android devices, Apple accessories, audio and video accessories, car accessories, computer and network accessories, and electronic accessories at FastTech.

FastTech can provide low prices due to having direct access to factories. They are also physically close to suppliers.

FastTech ships to all countries except to China, Macau, and Hong Kong for policy reasons.

They have 24-hour customer service.

Pearl River Delta 

What does the Pearl River Delta mean? FastTech has a purchasing office close by, which allows them quick access to unique electronics and gadgets!

5| Overview

Running a business is not cheap. These four sites have SSL certificates on their website to protect your personal information, testimonials for verification, and explanations of how they can provide their products at an affordable price. Save some money and use them on Facebook ads!

To visit their websites, see below:

Shred Cube, LLC

AntiVirus Deals Inc. Inc.


Do you know of any other businesses that have great deals to protect a small business? Let me know in the comments below!

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